Gone…but forever in our hearts.

Gone...but forever in our hearts.

Sometimes life just kicks you right in the butt. I had been caring for my dad since mid December, spending my days at his house or at the hospital, taking him to doctor appointments and trying to get him to eat. He took a turn for the worse on January 29 and was re-admitted to the hospital with what we thought was another heart problem.

After some x-rays and an ultrasound, they discovered a tumor in his lung. They did a biopsy and we found out 3 days later that he had lung cancer. That was on February 6. He was too weak at that point from not eating and was unable to even get out of bed so chemo or any other treatment was not an option.

On February 9th, he was moved to a hospice house. He was kept comfortable for 9 days and on February 18th, he lost his fight. It has been a very difficult 3 months but he is at peace now.

At his funeral, I found out just how special my dad was to so many people. I didn’t realize just how may people’s lives he touched. He was very involved with his church. I was talking about the funeral preparations with one of his priests and he told me that I shouldn’t be surprised if maybe one or 2 other members of the choir showed up because they wanted to be there for him. I couldn’t believe it when we got to the church on Monday morning. The entire church choir was there and the church was full of people who loved him. I was so touched that all these people took time from work to be there for him. How special he was…

I miss you dad. Say hi to mom for me…

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