Healthy Lungs

The one baby panda that survived seems to be doing well. The lungs are developing nicely and he or she appears to be nursing ok according to that round belly 🙂

Read more about the panda’s on the zoo’s youtube page.


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My name is Cooper...and I am a kat. Meoowww =^.^=
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4 Responses to Healthy Lungs

  1. seeker says:

    I am so glad it survived. I thought the other one was taken away to be nursed by human?

    • CooperDaKat says:

      Unfortunately the 2nd one was stillborn. Mei Xiang picked the motionless cub up and stroked it for 17 minutes, probably trying to revive it, before staff removed the cub with a grabbing device. Apparently, they could tell immediately that it didn’t develop fully. The cub she delivered last year died within the first 7 – 10 days and also had medical issues. I am glad that it appears that she has a healthy cub this year and hope it continues to thrive!

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