Caesar Tells A Story

This is our foster dog, Caesar. Soon, he will be all ours. As soon as I sign the adoption papers. Anyway, he had quite the day yesterday. Here he is telling his daddy all about it. I’ve translated it for you below…

“So, today, while you were gone, this cat walked right across our front yard. So I barked at it, and yelled at it, and I told that cat to get off mah lawn, And then he ran away so I musta really scared him.

Then, then this man, he was trying to steal our mailbox. Can you believe it? I let him know that he would be in real big trouble if he took it and I musta scared him when i said that cuz he left and then he tried to steal the neighbors mailbox. I didn’t care about that though.

Then I was really tired from chasing that cat and that man away and I really wanted to take a nap. But when i went to the couch, Butter and Dusty, well, they was taking up the whole couch, and, and, and, they wouldn’t even move so I could fit. And so, you won’t even believe this…I had to sleep ON THE FLOOR! Can you believe it?! I think you should punish them.

And then, after like elebenty-seven hours, you finally came home. And I was so excited that I ran all over the house and jumped up in the air and wiggled my butt and then jumped on the couch and wiggled my butt some more. You know, we were about to starve to death…

And that was how my day was. How was yours?”


About CooperDaKat

My name is Cooper...and I am a kat. Meoowww =^.^=
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2 Responses to Caesar Tells A Story

  1. seeker says:

    Boy, could he ever talk! He sounded like wait till I tell Dad about you guys not sharing the couch! Dad, go get them. It’s your turn. 😆

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