Abused Street Dog Transforms Into Family Pet

This video shows how an abused street dog became a family pet.

After the dog, named Ralph, was trapped and rescued, he was obviously very frightened and bitey. They used a rolled up blanket as a barrier to allow him to get out his aggression without injuring anyone. He was obviously craving the love he had been missing his entire life and before long, they were able to pet him, brush him, and bathe him. By the following morning, they were able to play a little.

Three months after his rescue, he was adopted by his forever family.

You can read the entire story here: Life with Dogs


About CooperDaKat

My name is Cooper...and I am a kat. Meoowww =^.^=
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7 Responses to Abused Street Dog Transforms Into Family Pet

  1. tkmorin says:

    Aw, Cooper! My owner and I really enjoyed this story – even if it is about a dog. Thanks! 🙂

  2. seeker says:

    I love happy ending but I can’t bear to watch the video Coops.

    • CooperDaKat says:

      I understand seeker. The beginning is a little difficult to watch, but knowing how it all turns out…I was able to watch in amazement as these wonderful rescuers enabled this pup to find the love he was craving. If you let the video load while paused and skip ahead to 5:40, it gets to a happy point 🙂

      God bless these rescue groups for doing what they do. They perform miracles every day with these animals. And most of these rescued animals make such wonderful pets. I know…I have 5 of them – two cats and three dogs, all rescues, and they fill our lives with joy and love every day. =^.^=

      • seeker says:

        Okay then. I will be very brave and watch it tonight. Have to go to work. Thank you, Cooper. You are angel for these animals. 😛

      • CooperDaKat says:

        Aww, thanks seeker! I’m not doing anything special. I get much more in return from them

        Just remember that this puppy has a happy life now in a forever home where he is loved. You can skip to the happy part if you want 🙂

  3. seeker says:

    Hi Cooper, you are right. It’s a wonderful story of love, trust and transformation. This sure has happy ending and I am happy for the dog. Thank you.

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