It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…No, Wait…It’s a Flying Frog?

flying frog

A team of scientists led by biologist Jodi Rowley discovered a new species of flying frog in the Vietnamese forest near Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The 3.5 inch long frog was found sitting on a log, but is normally found high up in the tree tops in the forest. It uses it’s webbed feet and flappy forearms to “parachute” from tree to tree.

Rowley dubbed the new species Helen’s flying frog, in honor of her mother, Helen Rowley, “who has steadfastly supported her only child trekking through the forests of Southeast Asia in search of frogs,” according to a statement.

Handout picture of a Helen?s Flying Frog perched on a branch in Nui Ong Nature Reserve in Vietnam's Binh Thuan Province

Read more about the Helen flying frog at


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