Ode to Dinner

Today, I am posting a video of my Boxer, Butter. I decided to post this today, well, because I have been dying to post it since I started AnimalPalooza in November (originally on Blogger).

Miss Butter is a deaf white boxer . We got her from St Louis Boxer Rescue eight years ago. She was born deaf and really doesn’t know the difference. She knows a multitude of hand signs, some ASL, some we made up. She has discovered that if she doesn’t want to do something that we’re signing, she will look away. After all, if she can’t “hear” us, she doesn’t have to do it, right?

Butter loves to eat. Every night after dinner, she heads into the living room, lays on her back and sings her little homage to the food she just ate. Although it is very loud, we very much enjoy seeing her so happy, singing her little song.  We hope you enjoy it as well.

Here she is, in all her glory…Butter’s Ode to Dinner.


About CooperDaKat

My name is Cooper...and I am a kat. Meoowww =^.^=
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