Baby Polar Bear Makes Her Zoo Debut

An adorable four month old Polar Bear, nicknamed Luna, made her first public appearance at the Buffalo Zoo on Friday. Hundreds of people cheered, snapped photos, and broke into huge grins as she frolicked around her enclosure, played with her toys, and took a dip in her plastic wading pool.

Zoo officials have already broken ground on a brand new $18 million dollar Arctic exhibit that will become Luna’s home. They still need to raise an additional $3.5 million and officials hope that having Luna spends time in her outside enclosure where people can visit her will encourage the donations to continue until they reach their goal.

Luna, one of only 3 Polar Bears born at US zoos in 2012, is currently the only Polar Bear at the Buffalo Zoo. But she will not be alone very long. In a couple of months, she will be joined by Kali, Kali is a three to four month old male Polar Bear who was orphaned, and then rescued, earlier this month. Kali is temporarily residing at the Alaska Zoo until he is transported to Buffalo.


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